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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

WOODPIGEONS galore and streaming over the village

Woodpigeons Galore: some pictorial evidence of the 8,000 or so Woodpigeons that departed Britain out to sea over the English Channel today at Portland Bill, Dorset (fabulous atmospheric images from Martin Cade)
A total of 2,314+ passed over Little Chalfont today

A glorious day weatherwise, dawning bright and clear and then predominantly blue skies and sunshine throughout. The wind though was a cool WNW with temperatures struggling to reach 8 degrees C. Surely not winter already! Despite the beautiful conditions though, birding was rather uneventful, until of course I took that call from Tim.......


WOODPIGEONS were once again the order of the day with over 2,314 birds flying south/SW over the village during the morning - with some single flocks numbering over 600 birds.

Experimenting with the chicken carcasses, 3 RED KITES showed an interest and after several poor attempts they eventually plucked up courage and swooped right down on to the lawn to retrieve pieces of meat. There was much arguing going on. Two birds were juveniles.

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