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Friday, 27 November 2009

Drop in temperatures see a rise in roosting finch numbers


After weeks of warm air being pushed up from the Azores and further south, today saw a marked decrease in temperature, with afternoon struggling to reach 9 degrees C. It was a pleasant day though, with long clear periods and a near full moon at dusk. Wind was very light WSW.


The number of roosting BRAMBLINGS had dramatically increased, with 26 'in' by 1530, all roosting with Chaffinches at the western end of the main Rhododendron ride at SU 915 957. Chaffinch numbers had well increased too, with 85 roosting (43 with the Bramblings, 40 in Evergreens to the south of the 'paddock' and 1 with the Greenfinches). The main Greenfinch roost in the Holly trees held 84 birds this evening (at SU 918 957), again my highest count this autumn.

REDWINGS were exceptionally abundant, with a large roost of some 170 birds in the Rhododendron thickets at the south end, and a further 150 in the Holly trees and Copper Beech trees 200 yards south of the Penna.

Three Goldcrest were noted this afternoon, along with 2 Nuthatches, 2 Coal Tits and a pair of Bullfinch.

Nearby (with Peter Stevens), a total of at least 30 RED KITES roosted (although all were virtually in before 1600 hours, much earlier than normal) as well as 4 COMMON BUZZARDS. A RED FOX barked just as it was getting dark.

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