Recording Area Annual Totals

97 Species in 2013, 99 in 2012, 94 in 2011, 108 species were recorded in 2010;

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Wintering BLACKCAP

Had my first-ever wintering male BLACKCAP in the garden today.........

Photospot - the GREY HERON

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Treat

Placed out a dead cock Common Pheasant today as an early Christmas Treat and had everyone over.....

First off, one of the resident pairs of Carrion Crows came in to investigate then the local nesting pair of COMMON RAVEN, followed by a succession of Red Kites and a daring Common Buzzard

A male Bullfinch also visited the birdtable - and a single Fieldfare (a flock of 200 Fieldfares were in the general vicinity)

Overnight had seen a terrible winter storm sweep through - a few images illustrating the flooding this morning around the village...

Carrion Crows were the first to arrive at the feast

Then came in the RAVEN pair, arguing with the Carrion Crows

I didn't know Ravens liked Christmas Pudding

Red Kites came over well as this COMMON BUZZARD

Song Thrushes are very scarce nowadays so this bird was welcome

And the overnight flooding......

The lower Chesham Road...

Nightingales Lane

Latimer Bridge

Nightingales Lane