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Friday, 13 November 2009

A real horror of a day with localised flooding - Osprey nowhere to be found, perhaps drowned

(1100-1600 hours)

It was not a day for Ospreys but more for Mallards. It rained very heavily for most of the day and subsequently much of the area became flooded and heavily sodden. Like a fool, I was out in it all day, and had agreed to help the BBC film the bird for a documentary. Of course that put paid to it and the bird did not show up all day - I searched all of its haunts.

In such conditions, there were few highlights -:

The adult male BLACK REDSTART was still present at Valley Farm

A single LITTLE EGRET was by the Pumping Station, with 18 RING-NECKED PARAKEETS again flighting to roost mid afternoon.

Three LITTLE OWLS were by Sarrattmill House and in the small copse in front of Bridge House, 3 RED KITES were around and a cracking male BULLFINCH

Tomorrow is not forecast to be any better


Colneybird said...

This is worrying news - please keep us posted! Was hoping to get to Sarrett over the week end........

dazzer said...

Just a note for you...I saw the Osprey on Sunday 15th around 1300 hrs in the Valley Farm area. The Osprey sat on what I was told was the usual perch in the tree and flew off towards Sarratt Bottom at 1420hrs

Colneybird said...

Noooooooooo - I must have just missed seeing it at Sarratt Bottom where I spent a couple of hours yesterday!Will be watching here closely for further updates! Thank you dazzer!