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Friday, 27 November 2009

GREAT WHITE EGRET in the Chess Valley

One GREAT WHITE EGRET. At 10.45 it flew up river and passed very close to us on the drive that goes down from near the entrance to Latimer House. It was large, deep chested and gave us very clear views of its black feet. It did not appear to settle in the valley and disappeared in the direction of Chesham.

11 Little Egrets
5 Red Legged Partridge at bottom of the bean field at the western end of Great Water.
2 Red Kites
1 Eurasian Sparrowhawk
1 Common Buzzard
2 Common Pheasants
about 150 Canada Geese

Stuart and Lesley Williams

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Lee G R Evans said...

The GREAT WHITE EGRET relocated to Little Missenden on 4 December and was seen erratically, commuting back and forth between Bois Mill Pond and Deep Mill Pond, until at least 18 December. It was favouring the shallow Misbourne channel and on two dates, fed on the largely dried up pool opposite the hospital at the south end of Missenden. It is of the European form egretta.