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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

OSPREY all set to overwinter

After a four-day sojourn, I arrived back mid-afternoon to a call from Anna and JT. They had just found the OSPREY perching high in a dead tree in the Chess Valley.

Unloading Carmel's suit-cases as quick as I could, and briefly greeting the cats, I raced over and joined the two girls. The OSPREY was still there and showing well - providing me with the most prolonged views I had ever had of it and enabling me at last to confidently age it as a juvenile.

It looks as though this may well be its roosting site - and it sat in this dead tree at the west end of Mount Wood, NE of Chenies, until dark (at TQ 026 987)

DIRECTIONS: At the west end of Chorleywood, turn in to North Lane and continue for half a mile to the bottom of the valley just NE of Sarrattmill Bridge. Take the public footpath NW to the end of the lane and then walk a further 250 yards through the cow field to view NW from the bridge over the river.

A total of 5 LITTLE EGRETS flew to roost, as did a local record of 8 RING-NECKED PARAKEETS (there have been a remarkable 18 in recent days).

A WATER RAIL skulked along the east bank of the Chess, there was 1 Little Grebe, 1 Grey Heron, 2 Coot and a LITTLE OWL at dusk. A male TAWNY OWL also hooted at dusk

Two flocks of REDWING totalling 34 birds were also seen

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