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Thursday, 23 July 2009

What A Good Year For The.......Butterflies

Although Elvis Costello sang about the Roses in October 1981, this year he could have re-released it about the butterflies. It has been a phenomenal year and today was no exception. Large Whites are absolutely everywhere and records of other species are going through the roof. The reason for this excess is the tremendously high temperatures experienced in the last week of June (temperatures in the 90's) which seems to have done wonders for the population.



Juvenile COMMON CUCKOOS are a rare sight nowadays, certainly in my Recording Area, so when Andy Radford found one this morning being fed by a Dunnock, I made every effort to get out and see it.

Sadly, even though I was only perhaps an hour behind Andy, I could not locate it anywhere.

What I did find though was an interesting farm reservoir hosting a single Moorhen.

Farmland species recorded included 2 Stock Doves, a Linnet, and confirmed breeding of Barn Swallow, Common Blackbird, Chaffinch and Blue Tit.

What was amazing was the incredible number of butterflies in the rough field behind (north of) the farm, including 400+ Large Whites, 15 Commas, 35 Peacocks, 40 Small Tortoiseshells, plenty of Small Heaths and many hundreds of Meadow Brown and Ringlets.

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