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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

STARLINGS take advantage of 'Winnie's leftovers'

Carmel spoils our three cats and this afternoon she placed out on the lawn, numerous slices of processed chicken that they had all turned their noses up at. Within minutes, a flock of 62 COMMON STARLINGS converged, including 16 juveniles. This is by far the largest flock this year.

The post-breeding House Sparrow flock has now risen to 46 birds, with three 'new' juveniles fledged from our most recent nesting pair in the loft.

RED KITES are once again daily visitors to the garden, as well as up to 6 Dunnocks, the resident pair of Common Blackbirds, 8 Collared Doves, apair of Woodpigeons and a constant turnover of juvenile Blue Tits.

A male BLACKCAP was in song along Amersham Road (the A404) by the BP garage.

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