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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Post=breeding SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS arrive in force


At least 3 SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS arrived at Shardeloes Lake this afternoon, flycatching from the willows on the west and north side of the lake. At least one bird was a juvenile. These are the first records this year at the site and a typical early autumn phenomenon (Last year numbers built up to 15 birds in August).

On a much more serious note, we have lost one of our cygnet Mute Swans. Following a disastrous year locally when ten of our cygnets have died, another bird was killed today at Shardeloes, possibly by a dog.

The complete list of sightings this afternoon is thus -:

GREAT CRESTED GREBES (pair with three juveniles, one of which is outgrowing the other two; additional pair at west end)

LITTLE GREBES (adults still feeding the three small young, whilst the other two juveniles are independent now)

Grey Heron (3)
Mute Swans (pair with now just four cygnets)
Mallard (female with four recently fledged ducklings; another female with two larger young)
Tufted Duck (8 birds in total including four well grown young)
Coots (56+)

Red Kites (8+ including juveniles; after placing a roadkill Rabbit on the football pitch, I was amazed at how quickly the adult Kites swooped down for it and attempted to carry it whole away)

Little Owl (juvenile by the cricket pitch)
Stock Dove

*SEDGE WARBLERS (increase up to 5 birds including juveniles in the sedge bed just before the Willow scrub begins)

*SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS (at least 3 hawking for insects in the sunshine including one 'spotty' juvenile)


Lee Evans and Graham Smith

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