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Monday, 12 November 2012

WAXWINGS in White Lion Road, between Little Chalfont and Amersham


Although it was dry for the first three hours of daylight, rain soon moved in from the west and remained prevalent throughout the rest of the day.

After hearing that Bryan Lewis, one of Dave Bilcock's work colleagues, had seen 7 WAXWINGS on his way to work along White Lion Road, Amersham at 0900 hours, I drove out and checked all reliable local haunts of this species - but no sign, they had quickly moved on.

I then set out to check the flocks reported to me yesterday - in Aldbury and Wigginton - but again no sign - and few signs of actual Rowan berries. I also had a look round Ivinghoe Beacon where the female MERLIN and 1 WAXWING had been seen earlier, but no joy - too much rain.

What I did find though, SW of ALDBURY VILLAGE, and along NEWGROUND ROAD in crop fields to the Northwest (at SP 956 114), was a huge flock of feasting WOODPIGEONS - numbering at least 2,124 birds (see images above). The birds were commuting between these fields and 'The Hangings' - an area of woodland on the escarpment east of the road.

I was also very pleased to see the continuing survival of 7 'Bluebills', including the young drake

Woodpigeon swarm, when they all took flight (Lee G R Evans)

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