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97 Species in 2013, 99 in 2012, 94 in 2011, 108 species were recorded in 2010;

Friday, 17 June 2011

SP 86 05

SP 86 05 - Dunsmore and Little London Villages - Buckinghamshire

Another tetrad dominated by rural landscapes, with a picturesque village to the SW and Little London on the eastern flank - plenty of open farmland and the odd tract of deciduous woodland. A better tetrad with 17 species located -:

Common Pheasant (two females noted in barley)
Moorhen ( present on the tiny village pond at SP 862 052, with a pair brooding 2 or more small chicks on the nest and a well grown juvenile closeby)
Woodpigeon (nesting in gardens in Dunsmore village as well along the track west of the village and at Wendover Lodge)
European Barn Swallow (3 nesting pairs in outbuildings at Lower Little London Farm)
European Robin (nesting pair at Dean House, with at least 3 more in Dunsmore hamlet and another at Wendover Lodge)
Common Blackbird (pair nesting in the garden of Dean House, with 4 different singing males in gardens as I approached the north side of Dunsmore; another pair west of the village and two breeding pairs at Wendover Lodge)
Common Chiffchaff (singing male in Dunsmore village)
*Common Whitethroat (singing male in meadow just SSW of Little London hamlet)
*Goldcrest (a singing male in conifers opposite the pond and a pair with fledged young in the conifer belt by the access road to Wendover Lodge))
Blue Tit (pair fledged from nestbox at Dean House)
Wren (male singing at Dean House)
Dunnock (singing from hedgerow at Small Dean House and nesting in Dunsmore)
Carrion Crow (adult in meadow behind Small Dean House)
Common Magpie (pair present on the southern outskirts of Dunsmore village; local numbers controlled by owner of Dean House)
Chaffinch (6 different singing males in Dunsmore village and another pair at Wendover Lodge)
Goldfinch (pair breeding in garden at Wendover Lodge)
Greenfinch (singing male in conifers in garden of 'Chequermate' and nesting pair in Little London)

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