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Monday, 20 June 2011

More Tetrad Work - SP 90 06 - 'new' FIRECREST colony


Well, the Summer Solstice is almost here again - for another year. The weather however, remains more like April's, with heavy showers then bright sunshine.


During a drier interlude this afternoon, did a trek round from the car park to Gallows Hill and back again but failed in my quest to hear either of the calling Common Quails that Johnne Taylor had heard at 1400 hours yesterday afternoon. In fact, very little of note, apart from 65 Linnets (in two groups - 38 and 27.


Resumed my tetrad work, concentrating on an exhaustive check of SP 90 06. Some very nice habitat in this square and an intensive search revealed the presence of several breeding/territorial FIRECRESTS. Along with Steve Rodwell, intense coverage by the two of us has revealed outstanding numbers of this rare breeding bird in the county, with a total of 77+ singing males located (up from 63 of last year). I have still many territories to check this year.......

A total of 18 species identified......

Common Pheasant (numerous birds along the entrance track and in the field adjacent at Chambers Green Farm)
Woodpigeon (common as a breeding species in both Baldwin's and Stonehill Wood)
European Robin (pair nesting in Stonehill Cottage garden, where the owners of this 1902 built country house are very birder-friendly)
Wren (male singing in Stonehill Cottage garden)
Common Blackbird (nine birds noted with breeding confirmed in Stonehill Wood and in Arrewig Lane)
Song Thrush (singing male in Stonehill Wood)
Carrion Crow (pair nesting in Baldwin's Wood and a further pair by Chambers Green Farm)
Common Magpie (two birds by Brun Grange)
Common Whitethroat (pair feeding young in Rape field opposite the entrance to Chambers Green Farm)
Common Chiffchaff (singing male in garden of Ashfield House and an adult feeding young in the hedgerow just west of Stonehill Cottage))
Goldcrest (at least 4 singing males in belt of Scots Pine)
**FIRECREST (new colony located in Douglas Fir stand involving 6 individuals with an additional singing male in Holly and dark understorey at a separate site)
Blue Tit (successfully bred in nestbox in garden of Stonehill Cottage)
Coal Tit (one present at the east end of Stonehill Wood)
Chaffinch (singing male in woodland belt at Chambers Green Farm and a pair at Old Bruns Farm in Arrewig Lane)
Goldfinch (pair at Ashfield House garden)
*BULLFINCH (a cracking adult male in the meadow opposite the entrance to Chambers Green Farm)
*Yellowhammer (a singing male in Brunsgreen garden and a female acting suspiciously in the hedgerow just west of Stonehill Cottage)


Along the Chesham Road in Chartridge, a pair of Moorhen was with 4 well grown youngsters in front of Wayside House.


An adult LAPWING flew south

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