Recording Area Annual Totals

97 Species in 2013, 99 in 2012, 94 in 2011, 108 species were recorded in 2010;

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Down at Tesco's Supermarket

It was good to get some shots of WAXWINGS down at Tescos this afternoon. Also nice to see 6 different types of Thrush feeding from the same tree.
I managed to get some close-ups of birds manipulating berries before swallowing them. In the past I have taken photos of Waxwings manipulating berries with their bifurcated tongues but it was interesting to see both Redwings and song Thrushes also turning the berries with their tongues too. I assume they must make sure they swallow the berries the right way round but they waste a lot of food in the process (Paul Keene).

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