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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day Garden Tick and WAXWING flock still in village


Firstly, I would just like to say Merry Christmas to all subscribers of the local news forums and a Happy, Prosperous and Bird-filled New Year to all of you

I have not ventured far today for obvious reasons but my local WAXWINGS are still present - at least 120 birds still - commuting between Old Amersham Tesco's Supermarket car park, the two Rowan trees in White Lion Road and gardens along Elizabeth Avenue in my village - Little Chalfont.

With still eight inches of lying encrusted snow, my well-stocked garden has been a hive of activity all morning with a surprise new Garden Tick - a first-winter COMMON GULL - arguing with 2 Rooks and 3 Red Kites over a half-eaten chicken pizza I threw out on the lawn. Common Magpies are frequently dropping in and out, as are the two resident Jays, along with 30 Common Starlings, the two SONG THRUSHES that now seem to have become permanent fixtures, 8 FIELDFARES, 3 REDWINGS, at least 15 Common Blackbirds, the male Robin and at least 10 Goldfinches.

The sole MARSH TIT comes in when it is quiet, as does the 1-2 Coal Tits, but a procession of hungry Blue and Great Tits are ever present until the last hour of dusk. The House Sparrow flock has remained stable at 34 birds

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