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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

More local breeding FIRECRESTS located

Western Reed Warbler and male Reed Bunting (Mike Lawrence) - both species present at Shardeloes Lake today


It certainly has been 'flaming June' in these last few days at the end of the month with temperatures this afternoon once again reaching 29 degrees C. Thankfully, a light westerly breeze picked up today.

It was another day surveying local breeding successes and examining new areas not visited previously. Highlight was another breeding FIRECREST find.......

(1530-1630 hours)

GREAT CRESTED GREBE (1 adult showing)
Little Grebe (at least two adults present, with singles at either end of the lake)
CONTINENTAL CORMORANT (Sinensis) (sub-adult roosting on the island, scarce at this time of year)
Grey Heron (1)
Mute Swan (3 first-summers still present)
Atlantic Canada Geese (50 in total, including at least 22 young)
Mallard (1 female with 12 ducklings, along with four juveniles from a much earlier brood)
GADWALL (3 females and a drake noted at the far west end)
Tufted Duck (8 - 4 pairs)
Moorhen (first juvenile seen)
Coot (76 birds in total including 6 fledged older juveniles; two additional pairs feeding 2 tiny young)
Red Kite (several overhead, all heavily worn)
Common Swift (2)
European Barn Swallow (6)
GREY WAGTAIL (two juveniles feeding together on the island)
WESTERN REED WARBLER (male in full song at west end and showing well in the scrub)
Blackcap (2 males in song)
Greenfinch (male in song in the garden at the entrance gate)
REED BUNTING (two males singing to each other)


A new survey area, made up of open fields (cereal fields) and extensive tracts of mixed woodland. I surveyed this new area, walking along the public footpath from Bell Lane (SU 990 982) west as far as Raans Farm (SU 982 983), checking north to the open clearing east of Round Wood and then back through Lane Wood and Ladies Arbour Wood. A total of 13 species recorded.

EURASIAN SKYLARK (one flew up from the rough ground just west of Lane Wood)
European Robin (1 in song in Ladies Arbour Wood)
Common Blackbird (nesting; 3 pairs in total)
*SONG THRUSH (a single bird noted at the edge of Lane Wood and then a pair feeding young further into the wood - first confirmed breeding of the species this year at a local level)
COMMON WHITETHROAT (pair feeding young in the open clearing area west of Lane Wood)
*FIRECREST (pair feeding young in Holly and deciduous trees in Lane Wood, 300 yards NW of Bell Lane at SU 991 985 - located on calls. Another extension in local breeding range)
Blue Tit (8 birds in family party in Lane Wood)
Great Tit (juvenile in Lane Wood)
COAL TIT (confirmed breeding with young birds noted in both Lane Wood and in gardens adjacent to Bell Lane)
NUTHATCH (juvenile noted in Lane Wood, presumably born locally)
Jay (pair by Bell Lane)
Carrion Crow (pair with 3 young)
*YELLOWHAMMER (another extension in local range; female calling from trackside hedgerow just west of Lane Wood, most likely breeding)

Large Skipper, Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Comma butterflies also noted

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