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Monday, 7 June 2010

MANDARIN success at Shardeloes Lake


The hot weather gave way to slightly cooler conditions, bringing overcast skies and later, in the evening, a band of rain from the west. The wind was in the west but fairly light.

I spent the day birding locally, mainly intent in adding Spotted Flycatcher to my Hertfordshire Yearlist. Thanks to Darin Stanley, I finally succeeded. Another high was finding a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker nest.......


The nesting pair of Coot by the bridge have successfully fledged SEVEN young, all of which are now well grown.

(Evening visit; 2000-2100 hours; light rain throughout)

My first visit to the site in over 6 weeks and a very pleasing number of young wildfowl present, indicating an excellent breeding season. Water level is still very high, which is presumably the reason for such high successes.

GREAT CRESTED GREBE (just 1 of the adults seen - other presumably at nest)
Little Grebe (pair at west end)
Grey Heron (2 on island)
Mute Swan (the adult male seen but not the female and the three first-summers from last year's nest)
Atlantic Canada Geese (12 adults with a creche of 23 goslings)
*MANDARIN DUCK (successful breeding: female with 4 ducklings)
Mallard (an excellent season, with 19 independent young and adult females accompanying 8, 6, 6, 4 and 8 ducklings respectively)
GADWALL (adult drake on island)
Tufted Duck (25 present with courtship noted)
NORTHERN POCHARD (two adult drakes and a female present)
Coot (36 adults noted)

COMMON SWIFTS (15 hawking over the lake in damp conditions)
HOUSE MARTINS (8 hawking)
Common Blackbird (male)
Song Thrush (singing male)
WESTERN REED WARBLER (singing male at west end)
Blue Tits (pair with fledged young)
Great Tit (pair with 4 fledged young)

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