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97 Species in 2013, 99 in 2012, 94 in 2011, 108 species were recorded in 2010;

Thursday, 17 January 2013

GREAT WHITE visits Chesham

Most likely because of freezing conditions, the GREAT WHITE EGRET moved into Chesham today, feeding at literally yards range in the Chess as it runs past the Recycling Centre in Latimer Road; a pair of Gadwall were also present on Pow Wow Lake (per Chris Pontin).

On its previous visit, the GREAT WHITE EGRET departed the Amersham District on 21 January, presumably for pastures breeding in NW France

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Mariana said...

I saw a Fieldfare in my garden in Amersham today - it was eating the apple slices I had put out in the snow. It stayed for about an hour.