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Friday, 11 December 2009

Penn Wood update

Over the past week or so I found little increase in Brambling numbers and the Greenfinch and Redwing roosts had also remained fairly static. However, yesterday Thursday 10th, there was a difference.I found 12 BRAMBLING at the northern end of the paddock at 15:20 and then moved to the southern end where the Greenfinch flock numbered about 200 (at least 220 birds when Chaffinch included). By 15:40 I checked the "old" roost area just west of The Penna crossroads and found 15 further BRAMBLING. This, and neighbouring areas, have been infrequently used over the past two years.

So perhaps this is a sign of better things to come this winter? Or maybe not!

was unable to comfirm whether the Redwing roost at the Holly stands in the southeast corner of the wood still had c170-200 birds. When I arrived there at 16:05 a few were dropping to roost but no larger groups appeared and I heard no roost chattering as had previously occurred.

Along the full length of the main rhodedendron ride many parts have been severely cut back as part of general maintainence. This has resulted in several sections where the rhodendron now shows an open side to the pathway. This could discourage birds from roosting in previously favoured spots. There is also additional maintainence to some other paths, previously bordered by small birch or brambles.Kevin Holt

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