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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

SHOVELERS increase to two at Shardeloes


With autumn now officially upon us, the first day of September dawned fairly calm and bright. Freshening winds soon moved in though, veering from SSW to due SW during the course of the morning and increasing throughout the afternoon. This change of weather was also accompanied by darkening cloud with a few short showers and occasional thunder. Temperatures remained quite high.

As it was my first chance at local birding since Wednesday, I decided to do a full sweep but despite being out from early morning until early evening, results were fairly spartan. With the new month upon us, I did a complete inventory of the reservoirs. With 5 Pied Flycatchers being located in the London Area and SE region, I fully expected one to be at Shardeloes, but despite painstakingly checking all of the Willows and the tall trees bordering the practise cricket green, I drew a blank. I could not find any Spotted Flycatchers either.

SHARDELOES LAKE (0900-1100 hours)

Great Crested Grebes (family group all doing fine with the three youngsters developing well, only one now being fed by the parents - see Ashley Stowe's images above)
Little Grebes (7 present, all youngsters now having fledged and feeding independently)
Grey Heron (2) (photographed above by Ashley Stowe)
Mute Swans (no sign of the resident family group)
Canada Geese (21)
Mallard (just 1 drake)
SHOVELER (2 present at the west end including an eclipse drake)
Tufted Duck (1 female)
Coot (66)
Moorhen (14)
Black-headed Gulls (10 roosting on lake)

Common Pheasant (1 male)
Red Kite (2)
Common Buzzard (1)
Wren (1)
LESSER WHITETHROAT (1 in the Willows adjacent to the lake)
Common Chiffchaff (4)
Blue Tit (6)
Jay (2)
Rook (1)
Greenfinch (4)

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