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Sunday, 16 November 2008


An update since my post of 2nd Nov ...

BRAMBLING sightings following trend of low numbers so far seen in the country. The Greenfinch roosts in the wood appears to show similar activity of previous years with fluctuations in flock sizes. Details are:

Tues 4/11 - 8 Brambling: 5 in southern corner + 3 south of paddock.

Thurs 6/11 - 14 Brambling: 3 with c35 Chaffinch north end of paddock, 5 with 25 Chaffinch near The Penna, 6 with 35 Chaffinch at the southern corner.

Sat 8/11 - 2 possible Brambling south of paddock with mixed flock (c80 Greenfinch + c10 Chaffinch + 1 Goldfinch). Also 30 Chaffinch at north end of paddock.

Sun 9/11 - Zero Brambling seen. C25 Chaffinch north end of paddock, c35 Greenfinch south of paddock.

Tues 11/11 - 1 Brambling at southern corner with C35 Greenfinch. c30 Chaffinch north end of paddock.

Fri 14/11 - Zero Brambling seen. Possible c290 Greenfinch: c170 south of paddock, then 120 at southern corner, but some may have moved from paddock area to southern corner.Also on Friday, 22 Siskin earlier in nearby Common Wood.

Sat 15/11 - 2 Brambling north end of paddcok with c35 Chaffinch. c60 Greenfinch south of paddock and c100 at southern corner, but like Friday, may have been movement between areas.

Kevin Holt

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